What do I observe?

The first thing I see is my phone flashing “ALARM 5:30 a.m.” Because the sun has yet to risen, my room lacks any small fragment of light. I observe outside my window and see the few cars passing by on the expressway and the huge Motel 6 sign glaring back at me. I should have felt well rested as I got some decent sleep but, my body lacks any notion of being “awake”. As the morning slowly moves on, I observe the beautiful, harsh, yet welcomed, rays of the sun. With it, the sky as well turns into hues of blue and pink. I feel myself becoming more awake as the world around me brightens into daytime.

Campus is stunning as I observe the many trees splayed out and the distinctive blooming flowers. I also observe the many leaves that covered the ground. The once vibrant green leaves, now turned into dead brown as they’re shoved and stepped under the soles of students. If I wasn’t paying attention, I wouldn’t have felt the cool yet light breeze that brushed my body. These are just small details that I witnessed around me that made me realized that Fall is almost here.

Top view of campus from Alkek Library
Near Alkek parking garage
President’s house

Through the lens, the world looks to be turned upside down. Everything l see seems to look the same except inverted and flipped. To me I possibly am observing another world? Or the same world but just with a different eye? Obviously, the camera obscura I built is the culprit, but I can’t help my fascination of what appears before me and let my imagination run free. I could say it also looks like images from a dream, hallucinations that give me a sense of déjà vu. The world is quiet around me as I observe the passing of students, the light sway of trees, and images that I’m cable of capturing on my phone, but to me, I observe the picture much prettier and alive through my eyes.

Students walking on campus



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