Building and Time

I must admit, I was intrigued but nervous when this long-term project was introduced. It was my first experience with developing a project not only for a month, but for a whole semester. I’ve mainly just used the duration of 2 weeks for my past projects, so I was curious how it was going to work. As we had scheduled “Archive checks”, it made me realize how important time management is for long-term projects, so everything comes smoothly together in the end. I’m someone who tends to procrastinate, purposely or not, so having mini deadlines is a great idea to keep progress in check. Personally, I would like to try the archive collecting activity when I have more “leisure time” instead of collecting through a busy year where I have other things going on in the background. But overall, I would really like to create another archive, even make it a personal project without it being work or school related.

Artist: Laura H. Rubin [@la___aura on Instagram]

Two things that made this project interesting is that not only was it my first ever archive collecting, but it was to create an archive out of things that interest me. Just like how I’ve never had a long-term project, I’ve never had a time where I had to collect images in a database on my own. It’s funny how before, I’ve mainly associated archives being filled with documents such as related to history or government, when an archive can consist of any type of collection! This definitely was a unique experience for me as I felt like I could just add anything as long and as much as I want to.

Photographer: Rekha Garton — Blog:

At first, I was hesitant as I didn’t know where to exactly start. For this project I relied heavily on Instagram as I wanted to use Pinterest just as much, but as many people reupload photos, it’s hard to find the true artist of any artwork on there. I luckily have a separate & private account from my main one that I use purely for art and inspiration. I basically created a separate account where I currently follow various artists, both digital and traditional, as well as some photographers. I wanted my archive to be mixed media and art but have some correlation. Although I’ve gathered from different artists and their unique art styles, there’s a similarity of portraits, paintings, landscapes, and even architecture. Being honest, I really didn’t have a theme straight from the start, as I wanted to just collect images that resonated with me and see what I could whip up in the end. 50 might’ve sounded a lot at first, even the end result of 150 images in total, but once I knew what I wanted to include, it was tough to not add images past the required amount!

Spread made by: Myself




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